Comtrad Sourcing Hires Robert Maccarrone as Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Mississauga, Ontario – March 1, 2017

Comtrad Global Sourcing, a North-American leader in strategic sourcing and supply-chain management, today announced it has hired Robert Maccarrone as the company’s new Vice President of Sales and Marketing to help address the growing demand for global sourcing of custom components in North American manufacturing.

Following solid revenue growth within the last 5 years and the addition of multiple new product lines and manufacturing partners Comtrad is experiencing new momentum in the global sourcing and distribution market.

Maccarrone joins Comtrad with over fifteen years of experience leading sales teams and marketing initiatives serving a broad range of industries from automotive to medical devices. Robert understands the complexities of product development and the importance of listening to his customers. He has developed global and domestic distribution networks and led his teams to several multi-million dollar contract awards. Prior to his career in business development, Robert worked as a Professional Engineer in the process manufacturing industry for nearly a decade and led many successful new market entry initiatives during that time.

“Comtrad understands that its customer’s value increased access to global manufacturing and R&D expertise”. Maccarrone said. “Companies that rely on Comtrad’s global sourcing network benefit from lower manufacturing costs and faster product development. I’m thrilled to join Comtrad in assisting its customers accelerate their product launch initiatives by listening to their needs and minimizing risks associated with the sourcing process.”

”We are very pleased to have Robert join the team to help continue the sales momentum of the past five years.” says James Long, President of Comtrad. “Robert has an excellent track record of success in leading sales teams and growing businesses and is a great fit to our organization. “
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