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Meet Kiyoshi Hunt: Our New Channel Manager OEM Sales

We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to Kiyoshi Hunt, our newly appointed Channel Manager OEM Sales at Comtrad Sourcing.

Kiyoshi joins us as an accomplished business professional, bringing over 25 years of experience in strategic partnerships, business development, and sales management. Throughout his illustrious career, Kiyoshi has demonstrated a remarkable ability for analytical problem-solving, multi-departmental engagement, and the execution of strategic process improvements. His contributions have consistently enhanced customer satisfaction and driven significant organizational growth.

In his role as Channel Manager OEM Sales, Kiyoshi will be instrumental in driving our strategic initiatives forward. His extensive experience and deep understanding of the industry will add immense value to Comtrad Sourcing in several ways. Kiyoshi’s proven track record in forging and nurturing strategic partnerships will help us build stronger alliances with our OEM partners, ensuring mutually beneficial collaborations that drive long-term success. With his keen business acumen and extensive industry network, he will lead our business development efforts, identify new market opportunities, expand our client base, and develop innovative strategies to penetrate new markets, thereby contributing to our growth and expansion goals.

Kiyoshi’s expertise in sales management will streamline our sales processes and enhance our team’s performance, driving revenue growth and improving our market position. By implementing strategic process improvements, he will enhance our customer service and satisfaction levels, strengthening our reputation for excellence and reliability. Furthermore, Kiyoshi’s collaborative approach will foster stronger interdepartmental cooperation within Comtrad Sourcing, improving efficiency and ensuring seamless operations.

Kiyoshi’s passion for creating positive environments for individuals and communities is evident in his professional approach. He places a strong emphasis on networking, relationship development, diversity and inclusion, and delivering superior client solutions and support. His expertise has enabled him to foster successful business relationships with firms of various sizes, ranging from local to regional and national levels. Beyond his professional achievements, Kiyoshi is a proud father of two and an active member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. His commitment to personal growth and community involvement is inspiring. In his leisure time, Kiyoshi enjoys indulging in live music, exploring new travel destinations, and cheering on his favorite sports teams at his alma mater, Michigan State University.

Join us in welcoming Kiyoshi to the Comtrad family! We are excited about the wealth of knowledge and experience he brings to our team and look forward to the many successes we will achieve together.