(18″) 75 lb.,
Nominal Length: 457mm
Interior Drawer Length: 494mm

Undermount Slides

All of our drawer slide products have been tested to meet KCMA, BIFMA and WCI performance standards, and their reliability is ensured by our own limited lifetime warranty. We carry extensive inventory to ensure our customers experience very low risk of stock-outs. 

Combine functionality and visual appeal

Among our most popular products is our extensive list of undermount drawer slides. Undermount drawer slides provide the best combination of functionality and appearance. We carry cushion-closing, push-to-open or both, combining a wide range of functionality and adjustability that enhances the visual appeal and ‘feel’ of the drawer and millwork.

Custom sourcing

In the event that we don’t carry the drawer slides that you’re looking for, or if you want slides for your own private label program, we will gladly assist with custom sourcing. Our trusted reputation and long-standing relationships with overseas suppliers means that we can find or assist in manufacturing exactly the right product for you. Our custom sourcing services take the guesswork out of vendor choice, guarantee a high standard of quality, and relieve you of the financial and logistical burden of overseas imports.