Elegant, Futuristic Design for Unparalleled Functional, Standard & Speciality Hardware

CGS – This is a line that offers affordable yet high-quality products that ensure dependability, long service life, reliable performance with solid warranty (the Maytag of the import hardware world). Also hinted at our own brand’s creativity with ever arriving new products like the CGS metal drawer system.

Since its introduction over a decade ago, our CGS Hardware product line has been growing successfully, and has quickly gained a reputation for its reliability, quality, and smoothness of operation.

In fact, our affordable, high-quality products don’t just promise dependability, long service life, and reliable performance – our CGS Hardware products are backed by a solid warranty to ensure peace of mind and not just promise it.

Many of North America’s largest OEM Furniture makers and Hardware Distributions trust and rely on our CGS brand not only for its quality and competitive pricing, but also for its availability. We offer a wide range of inventory through our North American warehouse network, with locations on the East and West coasts, as well as strategic locations throughout the Central US and Canada.

All of our CGS products are developed to be functional and stylish, easy to install, and operate flawlessly for many years. Our slides and hinges are all KMCA approved and, where needed, BIFMA approved by third party test labs right here in North America.

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