Custom sourcing for plastic components

No matter how complex or simple your plastic component design is, we work with the right sources in China and Taiwan to provide the capabilities you need. Our suppliers can produce just about any type of plastic component imaginable. Whether it is a quality, complicated precision-molded plastic chair or a basic, low-cost plastic injected pencil case, we can source it for you.

Plastic Components and Plastic Injection Molding

Our process

Product Specification Phase:
  • We work with our customer to create drawings of the component and determine the best process for fabricating the part.
  • Drawings and spec sheets, if available, are sent to the manufacturer for quotation.
Sample Phase:
  • Once the quotation has been accepted, a 3D prototype is printed for approval.
Quality Control:
  • Comtrad’s rigorous supplier approval and audit process ensures that products are delivered on time and in compliance with customer specifications, local regulations and applicable quality standards.
  • Comtrad also works with respected global, third-party testing agencies for further compliance verification where required by our customers or local regulators.
  • Inventory availability and delivery flexibility are key to the success of most custom plastic component projects.
  • Comtrad works with its customers to establish and maintain strict delivery timelines. Whether the requirement is for direct shipment or stocking programs, single purchase or inventory replenishment based on just-in-time forecasts, Comtrad can handle it all, and takes the risk out of overseas sourcing in the process.


We are experts at sourcing plastic components. Speak to our sourcing specialists about your particular needs.

Fabrication capabilities

Our fabrication capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Plastic injection molding
  • Plastic extrusion
  • Blow molding
  • 3D printing
  • Tooling
  • And more

Items custom built to print

We can custom source plastic components, including:

  • Precision parts
  • Chair parts
  • Brackets and fastener systems
  • Grommets
  • Legs, knobs and decorative hardware
  • Corner bumpers
  • Plastic chairs
  • Rubber products
  • And so much more