Custom Sourcing

We provide end-to-end strategic sourcing and logistics services, from Asia to North America. Our solutions are custom-tailored to meet your specific requirements at the right price and delivery schedule.

Functional Hardware

We manufacture and distribute superior hardware products. From our own CGS line to distribution lines like King Slide, all are backed by a lifetime warranty and 100% quality guarantee.


Warehouse Specials

We carry a large selection of our own quality CGS specialty hardware products and lines such as King Slide in our warehouses. Check out the special offers we have on our in-stock inventory.

Case Studies

A high-volume cabinet manufacturer was purchasing hardware pieces directly from China. But they were encountering several challenges, including the need to pre-pay for purchases, tying up budget and large minimum orders, tying up warehouse space. Additionally, if the goods were faulty, they had little recourse to recoup the costs. Read how Comtrad was able to solve this client’s challenges and address the pain created by their current supply chain.

Blogs & News Updates

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Wood Drawer vs. Metal Drawer: Which Is Right For Your Customers?

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Smooth Moves: A Guide to Drawer Slides

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About Comtrad

Since 1976, Comtrad has provided end-to-end strategic sourcing and logistics services across a broad spectrum of industries.

Our customers benefit from local access to ethical overseas sources through sales support across the US and Canada. Going far beyond OEM sourcing, we are able to partner with our customers on 100% of the process, from design and development through to storage and distribution.