CGS Barn Door Hardware Kit

Code Description Units Brands
140-706 140-706 CGS Barn Door Hardware Kit kit CGS

Stylish design for spaces of all sizes

Open-concept spaces maximize square footage and are the perfect complement to contemporary and transitional room designs. As a result, there are more open concept designs appearing across North America. This presents a challenge, since everyday life presents many situations where the ability to close a door and seal off a room makes a space more functional and practical. This is true whether that space is a bedroom in a residential loft or a boardroom in a shared workspace.
Barn doors provide privacy while maximizing floor space. While traditional doors require space for a wide berth, barn doors only require enough wall space to enable the door to slide open and shut. And with the availability of barn door soft close hardware, barn doors are a quiet and smooth option that can be easily operated by a variety of users.

Ease of installation

Unlike traditional doors, which require a great deal of construction to install, barn doors simply need to be secured onto a track installed along a mounting board.


Barn doors are a practical solution for users of all abilities, ages and sizes. Given their high-efficiency roller tracks and glides, they do not require much strength to be opened or closed.  With soft close hardware installed, the risk of pinched fingers is mitigated.