Elegant, Futuristic Design for Unparalleled Functional, Standard & Speciality Hardware

For more than 30 years, King Slide and Comtrad have been partners on both standard and custom hardware projects. Together, we have successfully served the evolving needs of the North American Woodworking, Furniture, and Case Good industries.

King Slide

This long history of partnership between the two companies, in conjunction with King Slide’s ongoing dedication to R&D, provides some of the world’s most cutting-edge functional hardware for furniture available in the market today. Design meets function across all of King Slide’s kitchen, credenza, bedroom, and lavatory hardware products, bringing elegance and superior quality together.

But unparalleled quality and elegant design is not King Slide’s only priority. With their years of dedication to R&D, as well as their manufacturing resources focused on the development of advanced material processing and surface treatment technologies, clean production and industrial waste reduction is a top environmental priority for them as well.

This drive for industry-leading product quality is deeply embedded in the King Slide culture, and reflected by their Quality Certifications of ISO9001, ISO14001, IECQ QC80000, OSHAS 18001, AEO and RoHS. Their elegant and innovative designs have won them numerous awards as well:

But in addition to their manufacturing processes and design focus, King Slide is also intent on improving the end-user’s experience with ergonomic, “green” solutions that meet or exceed the quality and environmental standards of the industries and customers they serve.

In their ongoing quest to remain at the leading edge of technology and innovation, King Slide’s NEW – SIMLEAD DRAWER SYSTEM has been gaining recognition as the world’s smoothest, quietest drawer slide with “Push-Open” and “Soft-Close” functionality. King Slide was recognized as the first to offer this feature without electric power.

Having received over 1,000 patents granted worldwide, and with an R&D of dedicated engineers focused on excellence, we are extremely proud to be King Slide’s partner, and to provide their products to our customers.

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