Ethical Manufacturing & Sourcing

We work with suppliers that strive to reduce their carbon footprint by investing in and developing advanced material processing and surface treatment technologies, implementing clean production technologies and reducing industrial waste.

We are committed to helping our suppliers build their businesses in developing countries beyond China including Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. In working with suppliers that we have vetted and know to follow ethical business practices, we help them grow their workforce which means creating more jobs and opportunities. By extension, this delivers a distribution of wealth and a higher standard of living for more families in developing countries.

We only work with overseas suppliers that maintain healthy and safe work environments, on par with North American standards from quality control to worker safety and well-being. Our suppliers are fully compliant with North American standards relating to child labor, safe working conditions and fair pay.

We believe in the well-being of our own staff, investing in office ergonomics ranging from sit-stand workstations, lunch time group walks, all staff lunch and learns, and professional and self-improvement programs ranging from continuing post-secondary education to on-line reading programs like Audible.

We adhere faithfully to core values that are a part of our working life at Comtrad, including teamwork, continuous improvement, integrity, ownership and clarity / focus.

We support community support programs and charities by regularly donating overstock items to Habitat For Humanity and other organizations, as well as annual company wide fundraisers such as the CN Tower Climb to support charities ranging from the United Way to the World Wildlife Fund.