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How to Choose the Best Cabinet Hinges

When a user interacts with a high end product, they’re looking for a number of variables. When it comes to cabinets, the user will first assess the visual appeal of the product. Obviously, the design plays a substantial role in the user’s opinion- it’s the first thing they see.

Distributors understand the importance of quality hinges on a cabinet. How easily they open and close, their long-term durability, and the quality of their materials play an integral role in the success of any cabinet product. But how does one choose the best possible hinges to enhance the functionality of an already beautifully made cabinet? In today’s blog post, we’re going to take a look at the 5 of the most important factors.

Cabinet type

The style of cabinet is one of the most significant factors in hinge choice. While based mainly on style preference, face frame versus frameless cabinets largely dictate the type of hinge that can be used.

Face frame
Face frame cabinets have a frame attached to the front edges of the case. The frame is generally made from 1.5” to 2” solid wood. Hinges on face frame cabinets attach to this frame. Single pivot hinges have different base plates that range in size, and can be chosen based on the look that the manufacture is trying to achieve.

Frameless cabinets are a 4-sided box, which is normally made from ¾” thick material. Frameless cabinets are sometimes referred to as “Euro Style” cabinets. The hinge mounts to the interior of the box.

Multi-pivot hinges are best for situations where doors are fit tight together, necessitating a hinge that pushes the door in towards the cabinet and away from the other doors.

It’s also worth noting that even within the same kitchen, you will have a multitude of types of hinges to facilitate various functions.

Door overlay

The position of the door in relationship to the cabinet opening is what determines the overlay.

Overlay doors
Overlay doors cover the cabinet opening completely, overlapping the case or frame on all sides.

Inset doors
Inset doors fit completely within the cabinet opening, sitting flush with the sides when closed.

Partial inset doors (or lipped doors)
Partial inset doors overlap the cabinet lining slightly, but part of the door thickness sits in the opening.


The placement of the hinges determines whether or not they will be seen from the exterior.

Concealed hinges (or European hinges) are ideal for modern, minimalist applications. They are not seen at all when the door is closed.

Semi-concealed hinges are partially visible when the door is closed, and often feature a decorative element.

Exposed hinges are completely visible from the outside when the door is closed.

Special features

Special features can enhance how the user interacts with the cabinet doors. Comtrad’s line of CGS hardware present distributors with a number of options.

Self-close cabinet hinges pull the door when it is within a few inches of being closed, and keep it shut.

Soft close cabinet hinges bring the cabinet door gently closed when it is within a few inches of the door shutting.

Free swing
Free swing cabinet hinges allow the door to be closed manually, often necessitating a catch.

CGS Cushion close series
The CGS cushion close series of hinges feature integrated concealed closing mechanisms for smooth and reliable cam adjustments. They’re available in soft-close, self-close, and free swing options, making it easy to choose the right cabinet hinge special feature for your project.

Benefits include:

  • Heavy duty hinge cup-to-arm connection featuring 6 laminated steel linkage connectors
  • Multiple cam adjustments
  • Available in full overlay, half-overlay, and inset
  • Easy clip-on of hinge to baseplate
  • Common baseplates for cushion close, free swing, and self-close applications
  • Numerous baseplates for different overlays
  • 45 mm c/c hinge cup screw spread
  • Competitive pricing
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Ethical sourcing

When sourcing a product from overseas, it’s critical to determine whether the practices are ethical and sustainable, as this is growing in importance for consumers and presents a risk to the brand of a company that is caught out with unethical suppliers. Distributors are increasingly concerned about this.

Consider Comtrad

Comtrad has the best selection of cost-effective cabinet hinges available on the market today. With nearly 4 decades of experience, our industry-leading approach has enabled us to serve a wide client base across a multitude of industries.

To learn more about Comtrad’s selection of cabinet hinges, contact us today.