Euro Cam Adjustable Mounting Plates For Clip-On*

Code Description Brands Mounting Type Fastening Type Base Plate Thickness Material
243-2023 Cam Adjustable Mounting Plate,0 mm, without Screws. CGS Frameless Wood Screw 0mm Steel
243-2024 Cam Adjustable Mounting Plate,2 mm, without Screws. CGS Frameless Wood Screw 2mm Steel
243-2025 Cam Adjustable Mounting Plate, 4 mm, without Screws. CGS Frameless Wood Screw 4mm Steel

Hinges and Baseplates

Superior functionality begins with choosing the right hardware to suit your product needs. Comtrad carries an extensive selection of hinges and baseplates to help achieve the perfect installation, overlay and function of cabinet doors. Our self-close and soft-close “Euro” style hinge products ensure reliable smooth and silent action, and are available in a number of different overlays and degrees of motion, from standard 110 degree to specialty pie-cut 135 degree hinges.

Smooth operation, durable functionality

Our cabinet hinges and baseplates are KCMA and Woodwork Institute approved and are made from solid plated steel tested against approved standards to guarantee quality and durability. We stand behind every one of our hinge and baseplate products with a limited lifetime warranty. Whether a traditional, self-close, or soft-close model, our hinges and baseplates are known for superior quality and reliability.

Custom Sourcing

Should your project require a specific hinge, baseplate or accessory that is not currently available from our catalogue, or if you require private labelling, we are happy to assist you with custom sourcing. Our long-standing relationships with suppliers enable us to source new or customized products quickly, and obtain quotes from qualified professionals equipped to manufacture on your behalf. Our custom sourcing services take the guesswork out of vendor choice, guarantee a high standard of quality, and relieve you of the financial and logistical burden of overseas imports.